Nature of The Jewelry

Jewelry for The Soul (JTS) is an online store featuring many different handmade adornments. The creators of the jewelry all agree that these adornments have a purpose. That purpose is to bring light and positivity into the life of the human wearing it. All adornments have crystals carrying a certain vibration that can aid mental clarity and emotional stability. All adornments are created with the intention to bring balance to one’s life. The physical appeal is intended to remind one of the beauty that exist in and all around us. We are beautiful therefore it makes sense to adorn ourselves and others with beautiful gifts. Adornments can be used to show love for one’s self as well as love for anyone else. Jewelry for The Soul also offers customization of adornments. By emailing one of our creators your NAME & DATE OF BIRTH, they will in turn create a piece that aligns with you. Otherwise there are plenty of pre made designs available for purchase. Thank you for reading & thank you for shopping with a purpose.

-Zahir Azizi